Tuesday, March 15, 2011

THE TRAGEDY OF MARIA MACABRE- two performances added!

Back by popular demand! If you missed it before, RKP's morbid dance drama, The Tragedy of Maria Macabre, will perform twice more at the Access Theater on Saturday, March 19th! Performances will commence at 6:00PM and again at 9:00PM.

After performing to a sold out house earlier this month, we will be reprising the twisted magic!

Rachel Klein’s The Tragedy of Maria Macabre is a movement and visual based theater piece that uses dancers and actors to create a morbid world of fantasy and spectacle.
Upon dying, Maria Macabre is not granted eternal slumber, but instead a whirling, kaleidoscopic carnival of horrors: a morbid funhouse where humanity is stripped away and a permanent place in the gruesome chorus line is all but assured....

Created and directed by Rachel Klein.
Makeup Design by Anita Rundles.
Costume and Wig Design by Rachel Klein.
Music by Borut Krzisnik, Phillip Glass, the Tiger Lillies, the Kronos Quartet, Bernard Herman, and Devotchka.
Costume Construction by Rachel Klein, Megan O'Connor, Stacy Maillet, Ashley Monroe, Olivia Warner, and Kae Burke.
Calligraphy by Pak-Kei Mak.
Sound Design and Editing by Sean Gill.
Wig Assistants: Sara Bender and Jennifer Fusco.
Production Assistant: Miss Kristen Lee
Photos by Beau Allulli and Bruce Burger.

Starring the talents of: Abigail Hawk, Elizabeth Stewart, Michael Porsche, Danielle Marie Fucso, Eric Schmalenberger, Megan O'Connor, Preston Burger, Freddy Mancilla, and Brian Rubiano.

$15 in advance! (recommended!!!!!)
$20 at the door! (cash only at the door!)

Tickets are available HERE.

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