Thursday, December 4, 2008

SOMETHING WEIRD eligible for Innovative Theatre Awards!

So SOMETHING WEIRD...IN THE RED ROOM, that dynamite double feature that ran in October, that you hopefully saw, made up of two tales of spine-tingling insanity, is eligible for nominations and voting at the Innovative Theatre Awards. So if you saw and loved SOMETHING WEIRD...IN THE RED ROOM, now is the time to show your support. It's simple to vote, but first you must register (for free) here, follow the link that will then appear in your email, click the vote tab on the left, choose "Audience Ballot," select the show SOMETHING WEIRD...IN THE RED ROOM, or any other shows you may have seen, and then vote your heart out for all the different categories.

SOMETHING WEIRD...IN THE RED ROOM, co-produced by Rachel Klein Productions, Junta Juleil Theatrical Productions, LTD., and Mr. Spiro, Inc., is comprised of two short plays, Sean Gill's AENIGMA (with Junta Juleil's own Jillaine Gill) and Benjamin Spiro's SIR SHEEVER. Both are directed by Rachel Klein.


SOMETHING WEIRD Off-Off Online Review

Sunday, October 26, 2008

LA ENFERMA website launched!


La Enferma
is a series of performance pieces combining dance, acrobatics, juggling, pantomime, and human marionettes. The Mission of La Enferma is to illustrate the presence of mortality and to respond to the inevitable trauma that humankind is pressing upon the Earth. La Enferma uses skeleton iconography that derives from several cultures (El Dia de los Muertos; Mexico, Finados; Brazil, Baron Samedi; Haitian Voodoo) which traditionally are used to honor one's ancestors. La Enferma takes place in a world where all that is left of humankind on Earth is the soul, which leaves a tone that is both bleak in its macabre foresight, and whimsically inspiring with the power of the human spirit.

La Enferma is created, directed, choreographed, and produced by Rachel Klein.

Makeup Design is by Anita Rundles.

Performers: Elizabeth Stewart, Michael Porsche, Kari Warchock, Casey Pickett, Daren Taylor, Dasha Kittredge, Megan O'Connor, and Jeff Seal.

Performance History: Emerging Artists Presents Laugh Out Loud Festival, Cherchez La Femme, Rebel Rebel, and Shazam!

General and booking inquiries can be directed here.